Gardentool knowledge

Preparing the beds in March includes weeding and loosening the soil.
The quieter winter months are a good time to maintain and care for your garden tools. Not only will your tools last longer and be a pleasure to use if they are well maintained.
Lawn care in autumn
For a colorful floral splendor in the spring
Damit Sie sich keine Rückenschmerzen einfangen, sollten Sie darauf achten, dass Spaten oder Schaufel zu den Arbeitsanforderungen und zu Ihnen passen.
If you are out and about, you do not just need appropriate clothes –on longer trips in particular, a saw is always a good companion. It is not only on survival exercises that the saw is an essential tool.
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Pruning is necessary for fruit trees to maintain their vitality. An optimal cut is only possible with very sharp tools!
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More and more often, grass and wildflowers are to be seen in European gardens instead of accurately cut lawns. More and more people are making a conscious decision to create habitats for insects such as bees, beetles or butterflies. And more and more often they are therefore swapping their lawnmower for a scythe.
Most of our garden tools have one thing in common: sharp blades! This applies to our hatchets and axes as well as to our pruning saws, garden shears, hoes, sickles and scythes.