Preparing the beds
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The most effective method to tackle unwanted weeds is regular weeding. Especially in spring, this can give seeds a head start and enable healthy growth for garden plants. Use weed removers with long handles to make the job easier ( e.g. Ring Hoe).

For small bed areas or in raised beds, PKS Weeder »Nunki«, Copper and One-Handed Trenching Hoe with Rake are suitable.

PKS Weeder »Nunki«, Copper

Loosening the soil

Root spreading weeds can only be kept at bay by frequent digging and loosening of the soil.

Use a digging fork to effectively break up the roots. The Sneeboer »Great Dixter« Garden Fork or Pedigree Garden Fork are perfect for aerating, loosening, and turning over the soil. The cutting action of the thinly ground blade of the One-Handed Planting Hoe with Wide Blade<7 makes this hoe particularly suitable for weeding in loose soil, as well as for making planting furrows and planting out potted plants.

The Sneeboer Garden Rake is suitable for all common tasks in beds, such as raking and loosening, removing weeds, or spreading and incorporating compost or other organic fertilizers. Its narrow design also makes this garden rake suitable for closely spaced crops.

Thus, the beds and planting areas in your garden can be easily worked and prepared for sowing and planting, laying the foundations for a successful gardening year!

One-Handed Planting Hoe with Wide Blade