DICTUM Garden tools - the right decision


There are good reasons to choose a garden tool from DICTUM.

  1. Regardless of whether it is a tool from our own brand or from another manufacturer – all of the tools we offer undergo a strict quality control process and have to prove themselves in our tests beforehand.
  1. The materials used are first-class – just like the workmanship.
  1. We pay particular attention to ergonomics and feel, because the optimum length of a handle or its shape and material make all the difference for you.
  1. DICTUM garden tools impress not only through their functionality and good handling, but also through their aesthetics. Functional aesthetics.
Selected products
  1. We prefer never to offer mass-produced goods, but selected tools that are often made in small forges. Sometimes, processes are used that have proven themselves over centuries.
Long service life
  1. The long service life and sturdiness of our garden tools make them long-lasting companions.
  1. Our garden tools are sharp – this is essential for effortless work and good results. And with the right sharpening devices, they will stay sharp!
  1. Various services make the choice of purchasing a garden tool from DICTUM a good one, even after many years. Take advantage of our convenient sharpening service or – depending on the product – the DICTUM satisfaction guarantee or the handle-fitting service for our axes.
More than tools
  1. DICTUM garden tools are MORE than tools – they make gardening a pleasure.