Sharpening service

General sharpening service

Our professional sharpening service will sharpen your blades within a few days and subsequently return them directly to you. Alternatively, you can arrange a collection date in one of our shops. If so, please note this on the order form. Your invoice will be included with the sharpened blades, and you can conveniently pay on site or via bank transfer.

Important update: For capacity reasons, we will only sharpen products from our own range until further notice.
Knives (full flat grind of hunting and carving knives only on request) 7.00 €
Axes, plane blades, woodturning tools, carving and sculpting tools, scissors 9.00 €
Chisels (only bevel and honing the back) 6.00 €
Chisels (bevel and back)
Inclusive additional trueing and polishing of the back*
13.00 €
Plane blades (bevel and "ruler trick"** on the back of the blades) 6.00 €
Plane blades (bevel and back)
Inclusive additional trueing and polishing of the back*
13.00 €
Garden and hedge shears 12.00 €
Hair cutting scissors (only products from our range) and razors 19.00 €

For extremely time-consuming sharpening operations that require an increased effort in the process, we reserve the right to charge additional €7.00. In this case, our sharpening expert will get in touch with you before starting the work.

If products are sharpened prior to dispatch on the customer's instructions (special order), these are excluded from the right of return and exchange.

* When sharpening Japanese blades, the hollow grinding may be reduced depending on the original flatness of the back.

**“Ruler trick“ – The Lie-Nielsen Method

A thin steel ruler is placed along the long edge of a fine-grit honing stone and the very tip of the back of the blade polished along the opposite long edge of the stone.

Plus shipping charges (prices include VAT).

Sharpening advice: +49 (0)9931 4058-971


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Tip: Includes sharpening pass Premium sharpening service Handle-fitting pass

Products bearing this symbol can be sharpened or have their handles set by our specialists for free.