For us, values are more than just words.

You will see from our service that our philosophy really does inform what we do. We are committed to your needs and we live our values for your benefit. Each and every day.

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All our products come with a 30-day right of return.
For information on the requirements and scope of the right of return, see Instructions for cancellation & Cancellation form. Notwithstanding this, our 30-day right of return applies equally to consumers, commercial customers and self-employed persons.

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Includes premium sharpening service

Includes premium sharpening service

You can have premium class products that bear this logo sharpened by our experts at any time free of charge and without limitation. And you pay only the shipping costs.

Includes sharpening pass

Includes sharpening pass

Products marked with this symbol come with a sharpening pass, which entitles you to two free sharpenings. Just send us your cutting tool with its sharpening pass and we will sharpen it free of charge and return it within a few days. All you pay is the shipping costs.

Handle-fitting pass included

Handle-fitting pass included

Send us the axe you have bought from us, including the handle- fitting pass. We will return it with a new handle fitted within a few days. All you pay is the cost of the new handle and the shipping.

Knife blade hardening service

We offer customers a qualified blade hardening service (up to 100 cm). This service includes a free original test certificate with the exact hardness value of the cutting edge in HRC (Rockwell). This will give you a clear understanding of the actual end hardness of your blade after hardening. We harden all conventional stainless and non-stainless blade steels using the vacuum procedure (DIN-certified).

Hardness test with test certificate for knife blades

Have you always been curious about the hardness of your finished knife blade?
If so, you can use this service to get us to test the hardness (HRC) of your knife blade at its cutting edge. We use the Vickers hardness test, which uses very low test pressures and allows us to test a blade’s hardness right at the cutting edge without destroying it. This method simply involves minimal grinding of the cutting edge, which is then returned to its original state after the test. On completion, you will receive a test certificate with spherical indention images and the Vickers values converted to HRC.
Learn more about our hardening service

Spare parts service

For most of our high-quality products, spare parts are readily obtainable even years after your purchase. This means that you can use your tried and trusted tool for a very long time.

General sharpening service

More information on our general sharpening service.

Special orders

Due to pandemic-related supply chain issues, we are unable to accept special orders for you until further notice.