Nata »Yama Arashi« with Kydex Sheath

Like a storm in the mountains (translation for Yama Arashi), this archaic-looking machete leaves...
Like a storm in the mountains (translation for Yama Arashi), this archaic-looking machete leaves nothing standing but bare trunks and shrubs. The slightly curved blade with a cutting edge of specially produced White Paper Steel has a high hardness and a long edge life. The ergonomic handle that tapers towards the end ensures a slip-proof grip thanks to the taping and the guard. For optimum long-term protection against dirt and water, Master Akitomo provides the whole handle as well as the guard with a high-quality Urushi surface. Comes in a practical, lightweight Kydex protective case with leather belt loop. Double bevel.
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    Shouzou Akitomo

    Shouzou Akitomo is a fourth-generation master smith and successor to the family business that has existed for over a hundred years. Shouzou Akitomo uses the »Koufuse Tsuki« smithing technique that is also used for making Japanese Samurai swords and is passed on from generation to generation. Only Japanese steels with a high carbon content (White or Blue Paper Steel) are used for manufacturing these machetes.

    • Head weight 350 g
    • Blade length 240 mm
    • Overall length 410 mm
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    Nata »Yama Arashi« with Kydex Sheath

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