Boiled Linseed Oil for Exterior Use, 1 l

Boiled Linseed Oil for Exterior Use, 1 l
Ideal product for mixing house or window paints with linseed oil pastes. It is made of...
Ideal product for mixing house or window paints with linseed oil pastes. It is made of high-quality cold-pressed linseed oil to which a small amount of manganese siccatives is added during the boiling process. This significantly reduces the drying time and ensures a stainless finish even in changing weather. To protect against mildew and rot that mainly form because of the mucilage in the linseed oil, our oil is degummed before further processing. However, to ensure long-term protection, we add a small amount of IPBC fungicide to the product. With linseed oil pastes with a high zinc content and thus »natural« anti-fungal protection, the boiled linseed oil can also be used without fungicides for exterior use. Zinc also provides longer-lasting anti-fungal protection. Because of its clear colour, boiled linseed oil itself does not provide any UV protection and thus can only be used outdoors in combination with linseed oil pastes.
Boiling linseed oil initiates a polymerisation process in which the oil thickens slightly. This process is halted when the oil cools down and by the airtight atmosphere (packaging), and resumed when the oil is actually applied to the wood. The process then continues and the oil dries faster. Depending on the original quality of the linseed oil and how long and hot the oil was boiled, it is either still thin and fluid or becomes brittle relatively quickly after being applied. When siccatives are mixed with the oil in the boiling process, we call the result boiled linseed oil. Here too, the amount and type of drying agent determines the drying time, but also the environmental impact.
For our boiled linseed oils, we only use seasoned and thus degummed, cold-pressed linseed oil that was boiled »gently« and thus achieves good penetration and quick drying. The manganese siccatives used for the boiled linseed oil are among the most environmentally compatible drying agents and their addition is strictly controlled.
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    May cause an allergic skin reaction. Causes skin irritation. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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