Wästikivi »Phyllit« Natural Whetstone for Scythes

Hard and durable natural whetstone

Hand-shaped, break-resistant natural stone. The hard and durable natural stone is ideal for...
Hand-shaped, break-resistant natural stone. The hard and durable natural stone is ideal for sharpening well-peened blades with a thin cutting edge. The hard, fine stone must always be used with water.
  • Fine stone for light material removal
  • For drawing out and slightly thinning the cutting edge
  • For honing during cutting and treatment of the blade after peening
  • Ensures long edge-holding capacity
  • Creates a fine cutting edge
  • All-round polished surfaces
We recommend soft artificial stones with a high degree of material removal only for repairs and for mending small nicks in the cutting edge; a fine cutting edge would be destroyed again by its use.
Finnish phyllite
In the village of Västilä in the municipality of Längelmäki (Finland), the stonemason quarries the primary rock, which was formed from approx. two-billion-year-old, former sea bed. Over millions of years, under intense heat and pressure, it has slowly developed into a qualitative stone with excellent sharpening properties. The main components of phyllite are quartz, feldspar and mica. The quality of the stone varies, so all the stones have to be worked individually by hand in order to sort out and separate harder and impure material. With phyllite, even very hard steel can still be ground and sharpened very well.
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    Wästikivi Oy

    In 1998, Sari and Ilkka Tuomaala founded Wästikivi AG. Wästikivi extracts, processes and sells the well-known phyllite sharpening stone that originates from Längelmäki. The history of the Längelmäki grindstones goes back to the 17th century. Wästikivi's concern is to preserve and continue the tradition.

    • Dimensions 240 x 38 x 15 mm
    • Grit 1000-1500
    Article no. 745212
    Brand Wästikivi
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    Wästikivi »Phyllit« Natural Whetstone for Scythes