PKS »Pegasus« Warren Hoe, Copper

The ideal tool of every organic gardener for gently and effortlessly loosening soil between...
The ideal tool of every organic gardener for gently and effortlessly loosening soil between plants without damaging their roots. It not only protects the natural stratification of the soil, but also the habitat of earthworms and microorganisms. The metal tooth made of a solid copper alloy is secured in place by an additionally attached brass ring. Handle made of ergonomically shaped, untreated limewood.
Rustproof copper tools
PKS copper garden tools are the ideal tools for vegetable and ornamental gardens, raised beds, vineyards and orchards. They combine functionality and beauty with particularly favourable material properties for gardening. Solid copper alloy made of 94 % copper and 6 % tin.
Your benefits:
  • No maintenance necessary
  • No rust formation (also no verdigris)
  • Copper can be planished in the event of damage
  • Resilient and therefore suitable for rough use
  • Significantly longer service life than iron devices
  • Effortless to use thanks to the polished and therefore low-friction surface
  • As a result of abrasion, copper trace elements are introduced into the soil and play an essential role in enzymatic processes
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    PKS Garden Tools

    Expertise, special craft skills and a wealth of experience are the prerequisites for manufacturing such extraordinary tools as those produced by the PKS forge in Bad Ischl, Upper Austria. Since 1995, every product has been handmade and individually tested for quality.

    • Claw length 260 mm
    • Overall length 1.4 m
    • Weight 1.2 kg
    Article no. 714452
    Brand PKS
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    PKS »Pegasus« Warren Hoe, Copper