Le Chameau Care Sponge

Le Chameau Care Sponge
The Le Chameau care sponge has been specially developed for the care of boots made of natural...

The Le Chameau care sponge has been specially developed for the care of boots made of natural rubber. Use the sponge to clean and care for your rubber boots and keep your high-quality boots in perfect condition. After cleaning, place the sponge back into the practical PVC box, where it can remain tucked away until the next time it is needed Whether removing light dirt or applying care products, the practical sponge cares for your boots safely and gently.
  • Care product for natural rubber
  • Practical PVC box
  • Handy size
  • Easy handling
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    Le Chameau

    Le Chameau has been making rubber boots from high-quality, natural materials by hand since 1927. The idea came from the company's founder Claude Chamot when, on a rainy day in Cherbourg (France), he was tired of hearing his customers complain about their uncomfortable and unprotective boots. He set out to develop a comfortable, well-fitting rubber boot that could withstand the daily wear and tear of hunting, fishing and farm work. He started making prototypes from natural rubber and asked his customers to test them during their daily work and while out hunting. The results were phenomenal... not a single one of them could believe how incredibly durable, comfortable and waterproof the boots were; they loved them and this was the beginning of Le Chameau's incredible story. The boots are still made by hand by the Maîtres Bottiers, the master shoemakers at Le Chameau. The high-quality boots are made of 100 % natural rubber and are subject to strict quality controls with regard to manufacturing and the materials used. To this day, the high level of craftsmanship of the Maîtres Bottiers, who must first complete an intensive training course lasting more than nine months, plays a decisive role in the production process. Today, Le Chameau is world famous for its pioneering work in vulcanising rubber to produce protective boots that are considered unsurpassed worldwide.

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    Le Chameau Care Sponge
    Le Chameau Care Sponge

    Article number 834961