Mein Selbstversorger-Garten am Stadtrand

Permaculture on a small plot

Mein Selbstversorger-Garten am Stadtrand
It is amazing what can be grown and how much food can be harvested on a plot of only 700 square...
It is amazing what can be grown and how much food can be harvested on a plot of only 700 square metres. The author shows how the principles of permaculture can be successfully applied in practice, even in a small garden. Using his plot as an example, he describes how a normal suburban garden can be transformed into diverse, interconnected small biotopes that enable a considerable degree of self-sufficiency in plant food. Benefiting from many years of experience, he imparts comprehensive practical gardening knowledge, gives suggestions and tips on how to grow young plants, how to create fertile soil, how to grow berries, fruits, herbs, vegetables and lettuce according to permaculture principles, how to design a bog bed with blueberries, how to cultivate mushrooms or how to create a small fish pond, which is also a habitat for many amphibians. He shows how all these elements and more can be combined to create an aesthetic garden in a small area. The author and his wife supply themselves almost entirely with fruits, berries, salads and vegetables all year round from their home garden, situated 800 metres above sea level. Potatoes last half a year; cereals, fish, mushrooms and maize enrich their meals now and then.
    • Pages 125
    • Binding paperback
    • Illustrations numerous colour photos and drawings
    • Size 170 x 240 mm
    • Language German
    • Publisher Kurt Forster
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    Mein Selbstversorger-Garten am Stadtrand